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Professional Vent Maintenance in Houston

Our team at Air Duct Express understands that regularly cleaning your home dryer may not be one of your top priorities. However, by not having your dryer vent professionally cleaned, you may be putting you and your loved ones in danger. While a dryer filter is helpful in collecting lint generated from your clothes, it does not catch it all. Lint that is not collected can result in a variety of complications.

Some of the dangers to not having your dryer vent cleansed are represented below

  • Significant buildup of debris
  • Increased likelihood of a dryer fire
  • High-limit thermostat may fail
  • Increased combustibles close to the vicinity


Receive Same Day Service from Our Certified Technicians

Once you choose one of our certified technicians to service your dryer vent, we will use a variety of specialized tools and procedures to remove all of the unwanted and unnecessary debris. Additionally, we will inspect your dryer vent for mechanical issues. To have us service your dryer vent or request more information about Houston air duct cleaningcall us at (832) 962-4765 today! Free estimates are available.

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