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One of the most frequently used appliances in the home is the dryer. In fact, it’s a device that’s probably used on a daily basis. You probably use it at least every other day if not every day. Despite the fact that the appliance is frequently used, it does not receive much attention when it comes to maintenance.

Are you aware of the dangers and risks that a dryer can pose to you and your family? You may not realize it, but keeping your dryer vents clean is critical, and failing to do so could result in a major fire hazard. So if you are looking for experts who can help you Clean Your Dryer Vent in Houston, call Air Duct Express today!

Dryer Duct Cleaning Could Prevent Fires

You’ve just learned that failing to clean your dryer vents can result in a major fire hazard. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that clogged or dirty dryer vents cause nearly 15,000 structural fires each year. This is because dryers operate at extremely high temperatures and produce lint every time they are used.

This lint is extremely flammable, and it can easily catch fire if it builds up inside the dryer exhaust. If there is a lot of lint in the exhaust, it won’t be long before the entire house catches fire. To keep your dryer vents clean, there are many options like DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston but the most effective and useful way is to seek the help of experts.

Clean Dryer Vents In Order To Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A clogged dryer vent can cause not only house fires but also carbon monoxide poisoning. Of course, this is only true for dryers that run on natural or propane gas. People who use electric dryers won’t have to worry about this, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t clean their dryer vents.

Because carbon monoxide gases can’t escape properly when the dryer vent becomes clogged, they can build up and be dangerous. If these gases are not properly vented, they will eventually seep into the laundry room and other parts of the house.

Dryer Wear And Tear Can Be Prevented With Professional Service

When you have a clogged or dirty dryer duct, it may take two or three cycles to completely dry your clothes. The dryer is under a lot of stress as a result of this. This will eventually lead to excessive wear and tear, which will cause the dryer to break down faster than usual.

Cleaning dryer vents can help you save money on your utility bills.

A dryer that runs more frequently not only causes more wear and tear on the unit but also raises your utility bills. Maintaining a clean lint trap and duct will help you save money on wear and tear as well as monthly energy costs. Call us at 832-691-0245 or you can request a free quote here.