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Does your air conditioner produce a musty odor when it is turned on? Do you suffer from headaches? Perhaps your family members have only had allergic reactions at home? Mold may be living in your air ducts if any of these situations have occurred. Mold spores are easily dispersed by airflow, so if you have mold in your ducts, it has already spread.

Even if you don’t see any other visible mold sources around your home, that doesn’t mean mold spores from your ducts haven’t already contaminated the rest of the house. Find the best Houston Duct Cleaning Services and get your duct cleaning job done at the best prices.

Do your air ducts have a musty odour?

Do you notice a musty odor in your air ducts when you turn on your air conditioning or heating unit? A musty odour is a sgn of mould growth. There is a musty odor from time to time, but no visible mold.

If you notice a musty odor whenever you turn on your HVAC system, it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned professionally. Our Indoor Air Quality Services in Houston will be able to determine if there is mold in your air ducts.

How Do Air Ducts Get Moldy?

Evenif you follow a mold prevention checklist in your home, your vents could still become moldy. Mold in air ducts is usually caused by the environment inside the duct system and has little to do with the surrounding areas. The following are the most common causes of mold growth in air duct systems:

  • The air conditioning unit has been infiltrated by mold, which has established a colony.
  • Moisture accumulation, especially when combined with rapid heating and cooling.
  • Condensation pools in puddles due to sagging vents.
  • Vents clogged with dirt and debris are causing moisture problems.
  • Mold can only reproduce if it has constant access to moisture, warmth, and dirt. Mold can be prevented from growing by addressing these issues.

Mold in Air Ducts Symptoms

Mold may be actively growing in your air ducts if the symptoms listed below correspond to the activation of an air conditioning unit or only affect people inside the home.

  • A musty odor that pervades many areas of the house.
  • Guests and residents are plagued by allergic reaction symptoms such as watery eyes, rashes, and runny noses.
  • Fatigue, dizziness, and nausea appear seemingly out of nowhere.
  • Headaches that don’t seem to go away.
  • Irritation of the eyes and throat for no apparent reason.
  • Asthma attacks and symptoms have increased.

Clean Your Air Ducts Today!

Are you concerned that mold is growing in your vents? Allow Air Duct Express to handle your mold issue. Make an appointment today to have fresher, cleaner, and healthier air ducts. Call us at 832-691-0245 or you can request a free quote here.