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Air Duct Cleaning thus leads to the removal of dust and impurities residing within the duct which needs to be cleaned. In Houston, our prime aim lies to improve your quality of indoor air. We offer you numerous services and have special commitments toward meeting your expectations.

In the past ten years, with utmost dedication we have managed to maintain top-quality work, earning a Positive reputation in Air duct cleaning services in Houston. Our team of professional technicians takes your need for good quality air seriously and makes sure that we always deliver a thorough, detailed service.

 Methods used for Air duct cleaning:

A clean air duct is a positive step towards electricity cost-saving, clean, healthy, and energy-effective homes. We offer duct cleaning as a part of absolute services in Houston. Over the years the methods that had been used for duct cleaning purposes met industry standards. In recent times advancements have been made and there has been continuous improvement in the methods involved in the process. As of now the methods used are:

  • Although more expensive than the other ones, a Power vacuum or Air Sweeping is a diligent method of duct cleaning. It is the best way, best in the extremely careful way of removing dirt from your duct.
  • The point of contact method may not be as meticulous as The air sweep method; it is however safer with 4 vents and air ducts. It is also comparatively less expensive than the power vacuum method but it, however, uses a vacuum and a spinning brush as its cleaning tools.
  • Out of all three methods, the most commonly used air duct cleaning method is removing the source. Mechanical agitation tends to loosen the dirt and extraction leads to the removal of everything fully in a safe and preferred way.

While providing Indoor air quality services in Houston we use 100% organic green products


When you witness substantial mold growth, rodents or a large number of pest organisms accumulated inside your HVAC system, or dust coming Into your room through your vents, a duct cleaning service is appropriate in such cases. Duct cleaning services in Houston take only a few hours at most to be finished. So contact us today and get your air duct cleaned and have clean inhaling air.