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Air ducts are more of a passage that facilitates maintaining a constant airflow in the house. Besides, repairing these requires the best Local Air Duct Cleaning Company in Houston. And we have the best technicians who know the exact methods to clear your air duct.

Various methods by which your air ducts are cleaned,

  • Inspection of the air ducts – Your technician first inspects the air ducts, for accumulation of dust and debris, etc. it is a crucial part, to get a prior estimation and for upholding the before and after differences.

Then, the technician repairs the issue in the air ducts of your house. They fix kinks, leaks or replace any damage in your air ducts. In case of a leakage in ducts, they use an adhesive to fix it. Thus, it’s a must to consult an expert pack of technicians or call the best Houston Duct Cleaning Services.

  • Use negative pressure – the appointed technician uses a vacuum system for cleaning the air ducts more efficiently. It is a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum, which creates a negative pressure in your vents and cleans all the dust and debris stuck in the duct vent.
  • Dust agitation – The powerful vacuuming tools used for cleaning air ducts include rotating brushes and compressed agitation air tools to clean every inch of the air ducts.

    He cleans the supply side ducts and vents which leaves the settled dust into the main lines as they can be cleaned easily by a vacuum cleaner.

  • Overall check-up – After cleaning the ducts and the vents, the technician cleans the rest of the HVAC system which includes the evaporator coil, drain pan, furnace, air blower motor, etc. After that, your technician checks whether every part of your system is cleaned properly or not.


It is recommended to get your air ducts cleaned by the best HVAC Duct Cleaning Service in Houston to ensure that each step is followed properly by the technicians and your air duct is cleaned thoroughly. For the best result consult none other than Air Duct Express, if you reside anywhere in Houston.