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Air Duct services may seem to be quite simple and easy if looked at a glance but if you look at it carefully, it may turn out to be surprisingly tricky. In cases like this, you seek the help of professionals who can make it easy for you with the help of any Houston duct cleaning service. But if you have ever wondered what it is that the experts do which makes the air so clean then this article is just for you.

Equipment that makes the service a lot smoother

The Air Duct Cleaning Services in Houston use a wide variety of equipment which ranges from heavy-duty machinery to small handheld tools. In addition to that, they would at least have one inspection tool which may be a periscope, a small mirror, or even a CCTV camera system having flexible cables so that it can go all the way inside the parts which are quite inaccessible. The basic tools used by them are vacuums, brushes, and other agitation devices.

How the Cleaning is done

The entire cleaning process may be divided into 3 different steps

  1. Pre-inspection– The expert would inspect your air duct system after arriving by checking all the access points for the duct while assessing the condition and then decide which cleaning process would be best for your case and start the cleaning.
  2. Negative Pressure and Debris Removal- The technician would arrange the vacuum collection unit to create negative air pressure in the ducts to make sure dirt dust or debris does not spread around the house.
  3. Final Walk-through Inspection- After getting the cleaning done, a second inspection is required for the air ducts so that they can be sure nothing was overlooked and the ducts are thoroughly cleaned.


The steps we have mentioned are the most basic things you can expect from a technician. Most of the local air duct cleaning companies in Houston follow these steps but it is always better to hire the best, and they do provide extra accuracy and make sure to do a perfect job.