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Are you facing the issue of not getting your clothes dried properly? Remember, not taking proper care of your dryer vents will prove to be fatal in the future. For that very reason, check out the services of Dryer Vent Cleaning in Huston by Air Duct express, your trusted professional cleaners.

Why should you clean your Dryer Vent?

Ignoring proper maintenance of your dryer can lead to huge fire hazards in the future. Statistics say nearly 3,000 dryer fires happen every year. The fire causes an estimated property loss of $35 million and also several deaths and fatal injuries.

The leading cause of the fire is clogged dryer vents and jammed dirt. There is a high risk of blockage and gas leak out even if the dryer doesn’t burst out into flames. Blocked dryer vents infuse harmful gas fumes inside the homes. Intake of these harmful gases will negatively affect your health and degrade the quality of your life.

If you have previously ignored the task of dryer vent cleaning, it is high time you look into it before it leads to something much more harmful.

How do professionals clean your dryer vent?

Firstly, when you hire people for the task of dryer vent cleaning, you must hire only reputed and trusted companies. If you are looking for similar services in Dryer Vents will be cleaned.

  • Remove the cap and inspect the vent
  • Start scraping the debris carefully with the right equipment.
  • Make sure not to puncture the pipe
  • Scrape out and vacuum all the debris out of the vent
  • In the last step, professionals test run the dryer to diagnose the amount of pressure that goes through the vent.

How to clean the dryer vent yourself?

If you are aiming for DIY Vent Cleaning Huston, you need to follow all the similar steps as written above. However, it is advised to hire professionals as they will not leave you unsatisfied. Moreover, in the process of cleaning the vent yourself, there is a chance you might damage the vent or injure yourself, both of which are complicated to deal with.

Therefore, hire the dryer vent cleaning services of Air Duct Express and forget about the worries about a dirty dryer vent.