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Duct cleaning is a process in which the air ducts get cleaned by following adequate steps. This process is not a complex one, but requires technical and professional skills; also a normal man cannot do this all alone. Air Duct Express is a company that provides professional services in Houston. They have a team of professional technicians who are highly skilled at this. Air duct cleaning requires modern and advanced equipment so that process is completed in a short time and an efficient manner.

There are various steps involved in the cleaning process of the home’s Air Duct. Let us discuss those steps.

  1. Inspection of Ducts- This is the first and most important step. Even house owners must follow this step to analyze the work of a professional cleaner once it is done. For inspection, technicians use cameras most of the time as it shows a clear picture of the inside of the duct. This is the most suitable way of finding any fault in the air duct and if any discrepancy is found out like leaks and kinks, the technician will repair it.
  2. Agitate the Dust- As technicians check the duct thoroughly and go through every vent of the air duct, the Air Duct Cleaning Service in Houstonwill use some vacuum cleaner devices to clean the ducts. All the dust present inside the duct will be removed by this step.
  3. Cleaning the remainder of the system- After successful cleaning of duct and vents, the next step is the inspection of the HVAC System which includes furnace, air blower motor, evaporator coil, drain pan, and more. Air Duct cleaning is done periodically. The cleaning service provider usually looks over all the parts and areas of the air duct. If any of the parts are not working properly or requires repair, then it is repaired by them.

Duct Cleaning services in Houston provide the best services in the city and they have a specialized team for the same purpose which consists of highly skilled and trained technicians. Air Duct Express has provided its service to many customers in Houston and has gathered the trust of the customers. Contact Houston Duct cleaning services immediately, if you are facing any problem with your air duct cleaning.