Four Reasons Indoor Air Quality Matters

Indoor air quality is an often overlooked issue, but one that can have serious consequences in both home and office settings. The EPA estimates that the quality of air indoors is usually two to five times worse than outdoor air quality and may even be 100 times worse in some situations.

Indoor air quality

If you’re not convinced that indoor air quality is an important issue, consider these impacts of poor air quality in the home or office:

  • Productivity – Sick workers are unproductive workers. Poor air quality can contribute to symptoms such as eye irritation, fatigue, coughing, sinus congestion, headaches, and more. While these conditions may not cause your workers to call in sick, it will impair their effectiveness.
  • Absenteeism – Health conditions caused by poor air quality can become serious enough to require workers to take time off to seek medical treatment. This can be costly to businesses in terms of paid sick leave, health benefits, and delayed completion of important tasks.
  • Children – If you have children present in your home or office, bad indoor air quality can be harmful to their developing bodies and minds. Asthma and other chronic health problems may develop from prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality.
  • Your Own Health – Chronic exposure to polluted air can contribute to serious health conditions, including lung disease. We spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors, so ensuring our air is clean is critical to our health.

Stepping up cleaning efforts and engaging professional air duct cleaning services can help improve indoor air quality in homes and businesses alike.